Keeping Your Rhythm in Balance

I have been away, travelling to the far land of Asheville, North Carolina, in the Blue Ridge Mountains to attend an herbal conference, Medicines of the Earth 2017. This conference is given yearly, the first weekend of June. Going to Asheville is like coming home to my tribe. After spending the past year practicing largely traditional western/allopathic medicine, it brightens my heart to be among people who are knowledgeable and wise in the use of herbal treatments. If anyone has any doubts about the use of herbal medicine, come to Asheville. Listen with an open mind. Learn how to differentiate and understand the research that is currently happening around the world on plants. Even if you Google an herb, put “NIH” next to your question, and you will get actual research from the National Institutes of Health, not just infomercials. Note, there is a lot of bias in research in general, and herbal medicine specifically since there are generally no herbalists on the panel conducting the research. That said, herbal research is expanding worldwide. Continue reading “Keeping Your Rhythm in Balance”