Change your life.
Find your balance.

Individualized care for individualized bodies

Nexus Point is a practice whose purpose is to help the client find ways to connect their higher self and goals with where they currently exist. This is accomplished by introducing to their awareness tools and techniques that can enlighten, educate, entertain and elucidate a path toward a successful and joyous life.

Jennifer Gebhard has been helping the community of Long Island, New York to heal in both mind and body for over twenty years. Working at the Nexus Point of conventional medicine and holistic arts, Jennifer strives to bring balance, health, and happiness to others.

What people are saying

Understanding the balance between genetics, test results, health issues and diet is overwhelming but with Jenny she takes the stress out of it to give me the space to work towards restoring my health. It’s never too late and I am so grateful to have found her.”

– Jan G.

Jennifer has an amazing wealth of knowledge regarding holistic care and functional medicine through which she offers a unique personalized approach to healthcare based on scientific evidence and honed by her collective nursing and healthcare experience. Jennifer continues to guide me down a pathway to better health and I am sure that I will live a longer, happier and healthier life because of her amazing care. If you are considering working with Jennifer, my suggestion is that you should not hesitate for even one second!”

– Lori G.