This resources page includes links to publications that I have published as well as links to information that I find informative and important. This resources page will continue to grow as I do!

The following items have been published by me.

  • “Complimentary vs Traditional Medicine: Giving Veterans a choice” with Judith L Jones, published April 2015 in Nurses fyi MagazineAmerican service members and veterans are considering complementary therapies over prescription drugs, and narcotics to help ease depression, stress, and joint pain. Complimentary therapies, (CT), include reiki, meditation, aquatherapy, supplements and acupuncture…

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  • “One Way to Become a Holistic Nurse Practitioner” published April 2015 in Nurses fyi MagazineRead more about my new publication in my blog post
  • “Anticoagulation therapy: patient management and evaluation of an outpatient clinic”Abstract: Health practitioners in the primary care setting often assess and manage patients on warfarin therapy. This article discusses new trends in oral anticoagulation and the latest indications for warfarin use. Patient management and education guidelines to improve patient care and compliance with warfarin therapy are reviewed. Results of a 19-month evaluative, retrospective, descriptive study of a nurse practitioner-run clinic are summarized. The results support that anticoagulation clinics managed by nurse practitioners are safe and effective.

    Kornblit P, Senderoff [née Gebhard] J, Davis-Ericksen M, Zenk J. Anticoagulation therapy: patient management and evaluation of an outpatient clinic. Nurse Pract 1990 Aug;15(8):21–26. PMID:2398969